There are three general types of intimate lubricants.
You have a choice and determine which one is most suitable for you.

Silicone lubricants contain only silicones, no water. They are the longest lasting, provide extended glide, do not dry out and are also water-resistant. They are not absorbed by the skin or mucous membranes. This makes them ideal for longer sex sessions and for use in water, such as the pool, since they do not readily rinse away. These products have a more concentrated texture and are also ideal in the absence of natural lubrication.

Water based lubricants contain little or no silicone. They have a lighter, wetter feel than silicone-based lubricants due to added humectants, and they are ideal for enhancing natural lubrication. They are safe for use with all sex toys, and are easily washable from skin or fabrics. The consistency of water-based lubricants can range from an easy- to- pour liquid to a more concentrated gel, and they are relatively long lasting.
Hybrid lubricants consist of a blend of water, clear or cream emulsifiers, and silicone. Hybrids are ideal for enhancing natural lubrication, are longer lasting than water-based formulas, and have a uniquely soft, velvety feel. They are easily washable from skin or fabrics, they are safe for most sex toys and may also be used for light massage.

Overview Pink products

The personal lubricants by Pink are formulated to accentuate the femininity of the self-assured woman. As such, they are sexy, playful, sensual and unique.