Intimate lubricants provide for more exciting and pleasurable lovemaking with a partner or alone. Moreover, high-quality glide gels with natural ingredients, such as the Pink products, offer health benefits as well.  Thus, even mature women can enjoy them and benefit from enhanced sensual experiences.

Why do I need a lubricant in the first place?

There are many possible applications for intimate lubricants. They provide the genitalia with moisture, thus favoring prolonged intercourse, anal sex, as well as playing with sex toys.  Moreover, women whose vaginal mucosa lack moisture can benefit from the effect of an intimate lubricant. Mature women in particular often experience discomfort during sex, which diminishes the pleasurable sensations.

Lubricating creams preserve the natural moisture of the vaginal mucous membranes. However, such products frequently contain chemical ingredients that are poorly tolerated. Certain substances can irritate the vaginal mucosa or cause allergic reactions. The mucous membranes of the female genitalia are highly sensitive. Thus, it is important that they should only come into contact with particularly compatible substances.

Our lubricants moisturize

There are various reasons why women may experience pain during sex. Vaginal dryness may be related to hormonal fluctuations as well as to medications or birth control pills. Menopausal women are also frequently affected by this problem.

The lubricants by Pink contain high-quality herbal substances. They help to prevent irritations of the mucosa as well as to prevent minor injuries. Lubricants like Pink Water contain herbal ingredients, such as ginseng and guarana which stimulate the blood circulation and ensure a heightened sense of pleasure.

Natural protection against infections

Lustful sex is something beautiful. Unfortunately, it is also subject to the dangers posed by bacteria, fungi and other pathogens. Our lubricant cream Pink Frolic contains grapefruit seeds which can have an antiseptic effect. The cream is water-based, contains no parabens and is particularly skin-friendly, owing to the absence of fragrances.

Our lubricating creams are particularly compatible thanks to natural ingredients

Many glide creams are effective, but a glance at their list of ingredients makes the desire pass. Such creams often contain questionable substances like parabens, mineral oils, sulfates and other harsh chemicals. The addition of perfume and minerals can irritate the mucous membranes as well.

It is of great importance to us that our lubricants are gentle on the skin and mucous membranes. It is for this reason that we use herbal ingredients, including aloe vera, vitamin E, ginseng and guarana that help prevent skin irritations. Pink Water is a soft, water-based lubricant cream.  The active ingredients ginseng and guarana stimulate the blood circulation for a heightened pleasurable sensation. Pink Waters is especially well suited for menopausal women.

Equally skin-friendly is Pink Natural. This high-quality water-based lubricant contains neither dyes nor fragrances. It is ideal for couples or in combination with sex toys. Discover our other lubricant creams from the Pink and Sutra product line  – for enhanced pleasure in lovemaking.


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