Feminine and chic – Pink lubricants, your best friend at the bedside table

Intimate lubricants are simply part of a smooth sex act and should be something entirely normal for women of all ages. While some may hesitate to apply glide gels on a regular basis, the natural moisturizing properties of the Pink lubricants offer women an enjoyable way to enhance love play with an even smoother and more sensual experience.


Other benefits of the product include a decreased risk of minor injuries and skin irritations. Additionally, its herbal ingredients stimulate the blood circulation of the skin. Thus, for a healthy skin and long pleasure, Pink lubricants should become an essential part of everyday life. The delicately designed flacons and the natural fragrance of the gel’s herbal ingredients appeal to women and men and harmonize with your natural body scent.  The other advantages of Pink products beyond the edge of the bed are shown in the following brief overview.

Natural care for intimate areas

The Pink lubricants combine numerous nourishing plant substances and gently stimulate the natural moistening of mucous membranes. Ginseng and guarana improve the blood circulation in the intimate areas, thus rendering touches to the skin even more intense and gentle. Aloe Vera soothes the skin and prevents redness and irritation for hours of fun so that women can fully indulge in prolonged passionate pleasure.

Silicone- or water-based lubricant – which one suits you better?

A special feature of the Pink product line is the lubricants’ diverse composition, designed for enhanced smoothness in amorous play alone or with a partner:  In addition to Pink Silicone and Pink Water, women and couples may also choose Pink Indulgence and Pink Unity – the hybrid lubricants which combine the benefits of water- and silicone-based gels in one formula.

This product diversity not only provides allergy sufferers and connoisseurs with a pleasant, clear preference, but invites everyone to try out and enjoy the products. The higher the water content, the more authentic the feeling during the sex act. By contrast, the silicone components prolong the fun and protect the skin even with stronger friction.

The constant companion for every woman

Women of all types will find in the online Pink product assortment a suitable lubricant for their personal needs. The exciting Pink mixtures are suitable for solo lovemaking or with a partner. Caution:  Not all toys are compatible with glide gels that contain silicone, such as the gentle Pink Silicone or hybrid forms, such as Pink Indulgence and Pink Unity.

For sex toys made of porous materials, water-based lubricants, such as Pink Frolic, Pink Natural, Pink Water, as well as the pure-food lubricant Sutra are ideal.

Try out the various Pink products and enhance your sex life with that extra touch of silky smoothness. The Pink glide gels without perfume and synthetic components are not only suitable to enhance your intimate pleasure – the gels can also be misappropriated without problems as a soft cream to prevent chafing skin in the summer.